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Shards of Wonder in the Red City

Marrakech, the red city, is a treasure trove of unique discoveries and experiences. From its lush gardens, a peaceful refuge from the hustle and bustle of the city, to its historic monuments that tell the story of centuries of history, to its museums that celebrate Moroccan art and culture, every corner of the city offers a new adventure to experience. Enjoy the local cuisine in the cafes and restaurants, or take to the skies in the Atlas Mountains with the Oukaimeden lifts. Marrakech invites you to dive into its enchanting charm.

The Flavors of Marrakech

Majorelle Gardens in Marrakech

Now one of the most touristy places in Marrakech, the famous Jardin Majorelle shines with its thousand and one colors and its extraordinary history. This prestigious place, a real green setting completely cut off from the outside world, belonged to two of the greatest artists of the 20th century.

Also, many exhibitions and cultural activities are organized each year in the garden and contribute to its incredible reputation.

Flavors and Ambiences

Marrakech is also a city of flavors and atmospheres. Whether you are looking for a friendly place to watch sports events, like the Sports Bar, or a lively place to spend a relaxed evening, like the Bar Principal, you will find something to satisfy you. For a gourmet break, Café Bonjour welcomes you in a warm atmosphere, perfect for breakfast or brunch.

The Oukaimeden ski lifts

If you're looking for adventure, don't miss the Oukaimeden lifts. Located in one of the best ski resorts in North Africa, they offer a unique Moroccan mountain experience with a breathtaking view of the snowy Atlas Mountains.

Monuments and History Menara

The menara is one of the strong symbols of the city of Marrakech, one of the buildings which mark the most by its beauty the visitors of all horizons. The menara is a peaceful place of meetings, strolls, a haven of peace in the periphery of the animated city of Marrakech. It was in the time the only place of meeting of the lovers,
The pleasant aspect of this olive grove is that it is not a tourist place par excellence where we find dozens of tourist buses. The menara is registered with the world inheritance of UNESCO since 1985

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Quad activities

The discovery of desert

Koutchi Marrakech

Source of Ourika

Located 30 kilometers south of Marrakech, the Ourika Valley is a valley of the Moroccan High Atlas and is one of the most visited sites of the High Atlas. The Ourika Valley is the most accessible from Marrakech.

is a major tourist attraction for the surroundings of Marrakech